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Mistress of ElfGrove Studio

Zel/Lina or Lina/Zel ...I forget, does the order you write it mean something too?

Just getting a PG start here. Waiting for my join to go through as well. These are a few months old. I'll be drawing more in the near future.

Title: Happy Chinese New Year (of the Rat)
Pairing: Zelgadis x Lina
Rating: PG
Genre: m/f
Type: comic
Summary: Just a very cutesy 4-panel of Zel and Lina at a Chinese new year festival. Chibis for the first 3 panels. Cameo by Zangalus.

Happy New Year 2008
by *elfgrove on deviantART

Title: Happy Valentines 2008
Pairing: Zelgadis x Lina
Rating: PG
Genre: m/f
Type: fanart
Summary: Modern clothing Zel and Lina. Trying to draw something intimate and romantic, but with minimal physical contact.
"I love you, not only for what you are,
But for what I am when I am with you."
I. Am. A. Giant. SAP.

Happy Valentine's 2008
by *elfgrove on deviantART

It looks like I don't need to worry about this here so much, but just as way of disclaimer... YES, I do know Zel/Lina is not canon. NO, I do not hate Amelia. Why yes, I actually do like Lina/Gourry. Heck, I actually like (or at least find cute/amusing) every Slayers pairing I've come across. And no, I don't want to hear about what is wrong with my brain. Thank you.
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