Stephanie Travellyr (travellyr) wrote in slayers_etc,
Stephanie Travellyr

[fic]Keeper of the Dead

Title: Keeper of the Dead
Pairing: none
Rating: G
Words: 283
Genre: character piece
Type: fanfic
Summary: In the same universe as "Remembrances." Sylphiel thinks of her loved ones, living and dead, and of her role to them.

Sylphiel had begun to stylize herself as a keeper of the dead. She couldn’t help it… Her city and everything in it had been destroyed twice. There was a small mercy in that the second destruction had only killed those who had died in the first conflagration, and been restored to unnatural life.
Still. She had lost her friends and all her family, save one tiny group, twice. She had made new friends, and they had rebuilt the city stone by painful stone… were it not for Flagoon and the city’s eons-long history, Sairaag would be considered a village now. Perhaps a town, if the observer was feeling generous. If it was a city now, it was a city of ghosts and the husks of buildings, all under Flagoon.
And now, Gourry was here. He had died, as all men one day do, and Lina had brought him here. It was fitting, and Sylphiel hoped that Lina and her husband, and Zelgadis… that all her friends would be buried here, in Sairaag, when it was their time. (Her mind always supplied “cremation” when it came to Lina and final arrangements, but Sylphiel considered that to be a Pavlovian response, and ignored it. Lina or her children would decide.) She didn’t hold out too strong a hope for Amelia, as royalty rarely has much say in what happens to their carcass… and these bodies were just carcasses, it shouldn’t matter where they lay. But the heart, as Sylphiel knew very well, cared little for such practical logic, and she wanted them here, for her to keep and tend as she did everything else, living and dead. In Sairaag, where everything she loved had died.
Tags: fics, gen, sylphiel, travellyr
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