Stephanie Travellyr (travellyr) wrote in slayers_etc,
Stephanie Travellyr


F seeks any as idea-bouncer. Classic beta-reading skills (grammar, spelling, wtf-use-commas, etc) not necessary. Candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach are a plus, especially if you're the one driving all the way to the beach, but also not necessary. Thoughtful critique, fairly detailed commentary on what you liked and why, equally detailed commentary on what you wanted to see and didn't and why you wanted it, notation of any and all emotional responses from laughter to rage at the author herself, ARE required, and are actually the entire PURPOSE behind the ad.
Must be able to tolerate a Special Sunflower, erratic hours, infrequent updates, and occasional deluges of text, gracefully.

Fandom in question is Slayers(/NEXT/TRY), but good, helpful bouncers are allowed to give me a prompt for another fandom and poke me with a sharp stick until I shell out.

I usually have one or two of these already, but RL swallowed them both whole, and left not even a shoe behind. I'd go get them, but RL has nasty skanky breath and my friends made T_Tface at me when I poked RL in the belly. They must have been navigating a tricky curve of intestine just then.

More than one person is ducky- the more the merrier. ♥

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