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Slayers Etc

Because there's more than just trad.

Slayers non-trad pairing stuff
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slayers_etc is a community for fanworks and discussion relating to non-traditional couples in the anime "The Slayers".

[By the way, we have a sister community, clair_bistro, for non-pairing discussions.]

Most Slayers communities on LJ place an emphasis on the traditional couples. That's fine, but it leaves a lot of fans in the lurch. Let's face it - some of us have favorite pairings that just aren't completely and absolutely canon. Slayers leaves a lot more room for different pairings than some shows do. And sometimes different perspectives can shine new light on characters, can become very interesting, or can just be a lot of fun. So this is a place for those who have interests in less traditional couplings to have fun too.

I [Irk] am not against any canon pairings. This is not an anti-trad community, and anti-trad discussions are discouraged. If you like non-trad AND trad, you're not alone, and you're welcome to come in. Trad-only supporters are also free to join and comment and post - just, you know, don't expect to see trad here and don't make anti-non-trad posts and comments. [Anti-non-trad in itself is kind of a silly term. oo; ] This is a happy place, not a war zone. What I'd like most is a place where people feel comfortable supporting whatever pairing they like without having to defend their tastes.

I should define trad! nn; It kind of varies from fan to fan, but I think these couples are pretty much set in stone as canon, and will be accepted in already-existing trad-only communities:

Lina x Gourry
Zelgadis x Amelia
Martina x Zangulus

That's not really that much! oo; This is because several couples are semi-canon. Valgaav x Firia and Xelloss x Firia are sometimes accepted as trad but not always. Also some couples are a bit minor, like Rezo x Eris, and don't tend to go under the listings when there's bigger fish to ship. Then we have cases like Gourry x Sylphiel where the love is obviously there but it clashes with a much bigger trad couple. I find Slayers is a hard series to really "nail down" pairings in. nn; So basically, if it's not those big three, then feel free to post it here. That covers a lot of pairings!

This community welcomes female/male, male/male, and female/female pairings. In other words, slash/yaoi/yuri is not forbidden. If you have some sort of female/male/female or male/male/male or female/male/female/male/female/male combination...you probably wrote something very interesting. Feel free to post it! :D Much like in the area of anti-trad and anti-non-trad discussion, anti-slash or anti-het discussion and comments are not allowed. You're allowed to post what you want - why bother someone else who's doing the same thing? I've seen both het fans and slash fans get riled up like they're warring against the other. You are not opposing sides! You do not need to fight! I am a fan of het and slash and whatever other sticky combination you can make up, so it doesn't matter which "side" a comment is made against - either way, I'm going to be very annoyed.

nn; Sorry for the tension. I'm just hoping that the genres can co-exist here. I really didn't want to make a community for one or the other side just because some people like to fight.


You have to request to be a member. The reason for this is because I'm allowing adult material to be posted. This means that to join you have to be 18. Now, this doesn't mean minors can't participate. Let me explain how this works.

If you are an adult who wants to read or post adult material, you have to join. All adult posts are friendslocked and you have to be a member to see them. This means that if your info says you're over 18, you're in, and you can see AND deliver the adult goods.

If you're a minor, you'll be able to view any posts that aren't locked. All announcements and non-adult posts will be unlocked. So you can see what you're old enough to see. But how do you post? Simple. I'm allowing non-members to post to the community. So if you have a non-adult work that you want to share, or you want to discuss something related to a non-trad pairing, you can do so! Minors are free to participate!

So, that should allow for younger fans, while also keeping the adult material viewable only by adults. I hope. If the non-member posting access gets abused, I'll turn it off and make this adult-only. So be good.

To join, just hit the join button. Your request will be seen and your age will be looked at and if you're old enough you're in. Make sure your age is visible in your info!

Okay, that all being said...


1. Non-trad only. There's plenty of other outlets if you have trad stuff to post. This place is for the stuff that can't go in those places. As stated earlier, the trad pairings that are easily accepted in other places are Lina x Gourry, Zelgadis x Amelia, and Martina x Zangulus. Any other pairing is fine here. If it's abouts a non-trad pairing AND a trad pairing, that's okay too. However, the non-trad pairing should either be the focus or be just as important as the trad pairing. Don't post a drawing of Lina and Gourry kissing with Xelloss and Firia way in the background, or a Zelgadis x Amelia fanfic where Lina and Xelloss are mentioned offhand as being together. Don't post a discussion topic about how Lina and Gourry's love will never be tainted, not even by Sylphiel. Basically, don't post a something that's trad cosplaying as non-trad.

2. Fanfics and fanart and links and recs and discussions, OH MY!. We've modified this quite a bit! XD For fanfics, any type of fanfic is allowed, including poetry or songfics. For fanart, you can post one-shot drawings or comics. You have to have created the work in question yourself! Don't post other people's fics or art without their permission. ;_; You can post a LINK to a fic or picture if you think we should see it. Don't direct-link to images though! Link to the gallery and tell us where the picture is if you have to. As for discussion...rules on that are further down.[updated 2/17 to allow links and recs, and 2/23 to allow discussion. are we done yet? XD ]

3. LJ-cut! Put all fics and pics behind a cut tag. This isn't just the adult stuff, this is everything! Entire fics will crowd the page and inline pics will really slow down our users who are on dial-up. One of which is me. If you don't understand how to do this, read LJ's FAQ on the matter. If you're posting a link, it'll work a little differently of course. See posting format rules.

4. Follow this format:


Title: Title Here
Pairing: Noonsa x Noonsa [replace Noonsa with the characters in the pairing, unless this is a Noonsa x Kopii Noonsa fic, in which case WHAT.]
Rating: PG/PG-13/or Adult. [PG is viewable by anyone and might have kissing or cuteness, PG-13 may have swearing or some slightly heated but not-quite-porn action, Adult is anything you should be over 18 to see. I shouldn't have to define that much. R isn't included because if you need to be 18 to see it anyways, why bother making a distinction? If it's anything over PG, give a brief explanation of the rating. Warn for fetish-specific things. You don't have to give a listing of every sexual act depicted, but if it's something like fisting or mpreg or bondage or gore that's more of a preference thing, it's considered polite to warn.]
Genre: m/f, f/f, m/m [m being male and f being female. This saves us from the grief of arguing over whether "slash" or "yaoi" is better, or whether "femmeslash" is a valid term.]
Type: fanfic/fanart/comic/poem/songfic


Title: Wet Dream
Pairing: Noonsa x Noonsa
Rating: Adult [Rating for sexual acts and heavy swearing. Warnings: mpreg, spawning]
Genre: m/m
Type: Songfic

You might also want to give a brief summary/description of the piece.


Title: same as before
Pairing: same as before
Rating: rate according to this community's guidelines. If the author's rating is G, it's PG [for semantics' sake :P ] PG-13 is still PG-13, R is Adult. If it is a link to an adult pic or link, you must friends-lock the post!
Genre: same as before
Type: ditto

Give a brief description/reason why you're showing this to us, then post a link to it. If this is just a link to a general site for a pairing or whatever, you can forego stuff like "genre". Just use your noggin. :b


Discussion post!

*the topic you would like to discuss*

*behind an lj-cut, your own thoughts or some further notes and details if they're particularly long*


Discussion post!

So, what does everyone think of Noonsa and Lina? Are they hot together, or what? What kinds of problems would they have, being a human and fish-man? How will Noonsa get Lina to spawn? Will Lina ever stop denying her love for Noonsa?

*further thoughts behind lj-cut*

With discussion posts, many topics are open. You could simply bring up a rare pairing and ask what everyone thinks about them [such as above], or discuss a particular aspect of a pairing, such as Firia and Xelloss both being clergy. Try to keep it somewhat intelligent. "OMG XELLOSS AND LEI MAGNUS SO HOT", while being an astute observation, is not a post. We talked about it a bit here.

PAY ATTENTION TO THIS. Discussion posts by default will probably be non-adult. If you want to discuss sex, make the post friends-locked. If the original post is public and you want to discuss it in the context of sex, make a new post for said discussion and friends-lock it. It's okay to just mention sex offhand, but if you want to get graphic in any way, you need to make sure it's in friends-locked form. [Yes, this means that as long as you friends-lock it, you can discuss how Zelgadis can have sex without chafing people.]

5. Friends-lock adult posts. This is in addition to putting things behind an LJ-cut. Anything over PG-13 must be friendslocked. Obviously this means if you're not a member you can't post adult stuff. I've already mentioned this a few times but it's very important, thus I repeat.

6. No underage acts. That means no depictions of sexual acts involving underage characters, aka shota or lolita. Little children having cute kindergarden romances is okay, but no nookie with the kids, people.

7. No bashing. No bashing pairings, no bashing trad, no bashing non-trad, no bashing het, no bashing slash, however much it rhymes. Respect other people and they will respect you.

Any posts that don't LJ-cut or friends-lock for adult stuff will be deleted, and you'll have to try again. If arguments get out of hand I will freeze the thread. If a comment is particularly inflammatory it will be deleted. If a user repeatedly violates rules or is trolling, they will be banned from posting.

This community was created by irksnapple and is moderated by her, bgeezus, aruru, and nightfallrising.